Name: Mr. Robert Lewis Dowell

Date: September 30, 1947 - November 10, 2020


City of birth: Chicago, IL

Mother: Dr. Vivian Dowell

Father: Dr. A.L. Dowell

Sisters: Consuelo Vivian Dowell

Brothers: AL Dowell

Education: Cornell University

Occupation: Public Relations





(2020-11-12 1:58pm) Peggie Townsend-Williams wrote:
As I researched and question the high school Robert last attended, I know the impact quality education made from the case between 1961 and 1963.

(2020-11-12 2:50pm) Nadiah Howell wrote:
The promises God made are all true. The Dowell family fought a good fight. May Robert Dowell also rest in peace knowing his fight was not in vain.

(2020-11-13 6:56pm) Lorraine Durham wrote:
Sincere condolences. Thank you for your service. Rest in peace fellow Mighty Viking.

(2020-11-13 10:12pm) Larnell F Woods DHS Class Of 1962 wrote:
God bless you and your family richly.

(2020-11-14 8:11pm) Ms. Alvah L. Boyd wrote:
Blessings And Condolences To The Robert Dowell Family. Thank You Dowell Family For Your Contributions & Services To The State Of Oklahoma!!

(2020-11-17 7:27pm) Michelle Lenoir Gaulding wrote:
Al, and family, sending my deepest sympathy and prayers to you all during this difficult time.

(2020-11-19 2:12am) Sharon Frazier wrote:
You are in my prayers.

(2020-11-19 9:56am) Veola Bray wrote:
Condolences to you and your family Al. LaMonte and I are thinking of you and praying for you. May you constantly feel God's love and be comforted in knowing that your brother is in His hands. We love you.