Andrew Willie Anderson


(2021-09-29 13:24:30) Malocca Cook wrote:
Andrew my bro man it was hard to hear however we know God makes no mistakes. We were young in Garden Days. We all had a good time. You will be missed brother. To the family it's been years but love does not have a time limit. May God's grace and mercy rain down on you all from the heavens above. I wish it was under different circumstances that we caught up again but God knows best. Rest with the father until we meet again. GOOD NIGHT BRO I WILL SEE YOU IN THE MORNING. I WILL NEVER SAY BYE. LOVE YOU ALL.

(2021-10-04 06:00:35) Matt&Angela Sampson wrote:
Praying for you cuz

(2021-10-05 00:04:11) Teeka wrote:
Eastside, man, this really hurt me. Omgoodness we had some good times and some bad times but no matter what we remained friends. I'm going to miss you friend. Until we meet again, love you ES! And to the family, y'all have my deepest, most sincerest condolences. May the most high bring y'all peace, comfort, and understanding.

(2021-10-05 11:01:44) Andrea Miller wrote:
My deepest sympathy.