Harold Lee Byrd


(2021-10-19 17:19:36) Johnnie & Carolyn Brown wrote:
Our deepest sympathy to the family.

(2021-10-19 21:25:34) Charwynne Sanders wrote:
My deepest sympathy.

(2021-10-20 13:26:59) Anita E Gresham wrote:
Expressing my deepest condolences to Debra and her family. I will forever cherish the memories of days gone by when Harold, You, and I were employed at the Oklahoma Veterans Center in Norman. The job was hard both mentally and physically. Somehow we always managed to have some good laughs together just about every night. I will always remember Harold giving me the nickname "Kinfolks" because he said that I was as crazy as he was. We stuck together and looked out for each other during those days. I will always remember that I would say I don't know if I am going to work myself to death or not and I have Christian. Our children were little. Debra you would laugh and cheer me up with always replying " Don't worry, girl I have so many children until I will take him and people will never realize that I have another child." Kinfolks would laugh and say " We already have one Chris. If we have to we can always make it two." As the words of the Earth, Wind, and Fire song goes You don't miss what you never had. Each of you can be thankful that you had such a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather to miss. Cherish each of your memories to help you with coping and please remain close together, leaning on each other as family should. I will always remember when you called me almost twenty years ago and found out that my mother had passed away. You were upset with me for not calling you and Harold. I told you about how much running that I was having to do during then. You told me " And I would have been right down there in Purcell running with you." Even though we are not together within the same proximity during this difficult time we are on the very same page. I am covering each of you with my prayers. May God bless your family richly. RIP Kinfolks and thanks for the memories. Anita Gresham

(2021-10-20 14:41:04) Chalon & Floyd Anderson wrote:
May your new life with God be perfect.

(2021-10-20 18:16:33) Louis Rainge wrote:
Take your rest my brother, RIP.

(2021-10-22 11:03:17) Terry Lee Davis wrote:
May God comfort you today. Keep your faith and strength in the heavenly Father thru our savior Jesus Christ. We will certainly miss "Butch", we served together in the USMC and in Vietnam and got wounded on the same fire base Khe Sanh. We were very close before and after and had loads of good times. We will certainly pray for Debra and the family and willing to help where and when we can. SEMPER FI!

(2021-10-25 09:35:20) Ethel Broiles wrote:
May God comfort you today.

(2021-10-27 04:49:50) Andrew Lee Ford wrote:
Praying for your family ❤️