Rose Anna Rogers


(2021-11-20 06:50:12) Rokita Mathis wrote:
Words can't explain how much I miss you. You always said the Lord calls his strongest soldiers home. I love you always and forever

(2021-11-20 18:08:35) Tony Smith wrote:
Rosie family lived next door to my grandparents in wewoka my whole life we went to school together when we were kids.......... RIP Rosie Rogers RIP

(2021-11-21 17:57:52) Dee Henderson wrote:
My deepest sympathy. I checked on Mrs. Rogers as her nurse. I thought so much more of her than being my patient I thought of her as a friend she felt like my aunt my feelings were truly hurt when I learned she had passed she was always one that I looked forward to see each visit and we would talk in between too. All I can say is that she will be truly missed and I loved her so again I say with my deepest sympathy to the family I am too at a loss. Sincerely her nurse Dee.

(2021-11-22 04:36:12) Roshunta Tubbs wrote:
Auntiemama, you will surely be missed. Those long talks and those wonderful gospel songs that we would sing over the phone and in person. I love you auntiemama always and forever your Crilly Dilly forever

(2021-11-22 07:22:31) Etta Daniels wrote:
God knows your heartache and shares your grief. Prayers for the family, I wii truly miss my friend.