Tiffany Johnson


(2023-03-28 14:56:57) Kim Tollison wrote:
Tiffany I loved you dearly for the last 20 years. Man the conversation we would have. And the way Ms. Black your kitty loves you. She was your shadow as you would walk somewhere. And that kitty would wait on you! I promise I will keep on taking care of her and feed her cans of Tuna and sardines. I became so protective over you as you did me! Dang it girl who is gonna sit out on my patio with me now as we always did. Or if I was grilling I would see your head pop up over the fence telling me it sure smelled good did I happen to throw something extra on the grill! A beautiful soul gone to young!! I sure am gonna miss you! I love you beyond words!!

(2023-03-28 15:24:10) Lisa Redmond wrote:
Cuz! You shock me with this one :(

(2023-03-28 21:27:16) Louise McCauley wrote:
Lavern and Edward and Family Rob said stay strong as you always have been. Lavern it's never easy to let go of anyone, but our children are apart of us and it feels as if your heart is being ripped apart. Our prayers are with you guys as you walk through the hallway of grief. The Father will carry you through. Love always Rob, Louise and De'Lisha

(2023-03-29 14:33:46) Mary Spann wrote:
I'm so sorry for your loss.keep the Lord in your heart and he will see you through this time of sadness. Love you

(2023-03-29 21:03:41) Lillie Robinson wrote:
I feel your sorrow. May GOD'S loving presences surround you all and give you hope for tomorrow. You're not in this alone Love you

(2023-03-30 10:57:42) Sue Robinson wrote:
May God bless and keep you Revelation 21: 4 Death will be no more the former things have passed away .Love mama Sue

(2023-03-31 04:51:19) Frank Robinson wrote:
Gone too soon, but suffer no more. Death be not proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so. For there is hope in the resurrection. Love you niece, until next time... Uncle Stoney!

(2023-04-02 15:01:17) Roberta Robinson wrote:
My heart is deeply saddened because of the passing of your daughter. The pain will slowly lighten up and GOD will bring you through. Remember the good times.

(2023-04-02 16:33:58) Rayquon Brown wrote:
Damn mama never would have thought to this is how it would be I thought u would stick around to see my children mama ik I've been distant but I've been working on my self tryna better my self break this cycle but I'm not done ik u gone watch from above and be with me in sprit on the journey LLMYTLADY🤍🕊️

(2023-04-04 06:40:42) Darlene McIntosh wrote:
My deepest sympathy.

(2023-04-04 10:11:07) Sharon L Lewis wrote:
Dear Tiffany, I am grateful to have experienced your Love and Protection. I know I’m going to miss you sense of humor the most . We count it all JOY. I’m sure your enjoying your new custom Wings . I will always love you Big cousin . Love Dot

(2023-04-11 00:09:47) Mary Gray wrote:
TJ as few from Michigan call you I will miss you I thought of you the other day when you mom and dad worked,, I was a young mom taking care of you and Edward it was an experience I would never forget spending time with you guys at an early age it helped me later in life to accept responsibility I love your spirit may my nephew Edward and my 2Great nephews ,Debrah Mark and your son's grandparents and extended family in Ok find peace iknowing That you have gained. I luv you and Tell your uncle Kenny and your grandparents,Deliah,Regina hi I miss you eternally Weaping last for a night but joy comes in the morning..Love you STORMY your Auntie Mary