Name: Mrs. Betty J. Ikuesanu

Date: September 29, 1960 - April 26, 2022


City of birth: Oklahoma City , OK

Mother: Mary Foy

Spouse: Kenneth Crigler

Daughters: Angel Walker, Precious Ikuesanu, Johnetta Walker

Sons: Godwin Ikuesanu

Sisters: Janie Brooks, Alicia Wilson, Mary Foy, Joyce Brooks, May Brooks, Valerie Foy

Brothers: Robert Brooks, Benny Brooks, James Brooks, Jimmy Brooks, Urel Foy Jr., Brooks, David Brooks

Special notations: Betty Also leaves behind her grandchildren: Janasha Walker, Kaveion Ikuesanu, Alaijah Ikuesanu, Korrion Ikuesanu, Shomari Ikuesanu, Shomir Ikuesanu, Vincent Moore

Visitations: Saturday, May 7, 2022 10am-7pm






(2022-04-27 2:00pm) Miller Family wrote:
Your family is in our prayers! We love and will miss you Ms. Betty. P.s. Your spaghetti is still the best I've had. Thank you for sharing your love and gift to me. 💕

(2022-04-27 2:25pm) Annette Colbert Black wrote:
My deepest sympathy.

(2022-04-27 2:48pm) Mr. Brandon Viney wrote:
Miss Betty you will be missed and never forgotten! It was a Blessing to know you Sweetheart. Love You and Rest Easy Queen!

(2022-04-27 4:48pm) Jaime Williams wrote:
My deepest sympathy.

(2022-04-27 8:12pm) Janasha Walker wrote:
I Love You Forever You Are Best Person I Know , I Swear Your Smile , Your Energy I love Everything About You Grandma . I Miss You Sooooo Much Wish You Never left Me But I Know Your Not Suffering Anymore Watch Over Us , Hold Us Let Us Know Your Alright I Love You Forever 💜💜♾

(2022-04-27 8:55pm) Monishia Johnson wrote:
I am very heartbroken about this. You always use to come get me and spend time with me when I was young. We use to crack up and have side bar conversations. This doesn’t seem real. That smile and laugh was contagious and you gave the best of hugs. I love you and you will be missed dearly.

(2022-04-28 5:19pm) Sherri D Law wrote:
May she rest in peace now

(2022-04-28 5:23pm) Alexandrea Edwards wrote:
May your beautiful soul rest peacefully!

(2022-04-28 5:49pm) Antonio Bloomer wrote:
I love you some much and will miss you rest easy.

(2022-04-28 6:49pm) Renée Bloomer wrote:
I love you aunt Betty l. I am going to miss your smile I don't think I could remember not seeing you smile. You will be missed.

(2022-04-28 6:50pm) Ketina Barnett wrote:
You are in my prayers. May she rest in the Lords bosom...🙏🏽 Love you all

(2022-04-28 6:54pm) Korrion.Ikuesanu wrote:
Grandma I love and I miss you so much I don’t think words can explain. I know you are with god, and all your pain is gone, so please watch over me, and I will always love you and you may be gone, but you are not forgotten. Like always I love you and my you Rest In Peace ❤️💖

(2022-04-28 6:59pm) Kayla Brown wrote:
In your moments of deepest sadness, may God comfort you.

(2022-04-28 7:11pm) Sheridan ( BreZena) Garrat wrote:
You will always be in my heart I love u and I hope you understand that Angel is my sister from another mother ❤️

(2022-04-28 7:48pm) Amari Jones wrote:
Aunt Betty you and your amazing genuine spirit will be missed. Sending peace, healing, and understanding to the entire family❤️

(2022-04-28 7:59pm) Little Madie wrote:
i love you grandma, always been nothing but the best memories with you, strongest woman ever, loved all times spent with you and it’s sad i have to now walk around without you here but i’ll always n forever carry you in my heart grandma, still remember yo little evil times but no matter what you always loved and cared for everybody i’m gone miss u dearly and again from the bottom of my heart to the moon and back I LOVE YOU GRANDMA💜💜💜💜

(2022-04-28 8:04pm) Janie Davis wrote:
My Aunt Betty Boop! I will never forget you. Your smile could light up a room! I can still hear you saying “There’s my Pinky Pooh!” I don’t believe this is real Aunty! I know God knows what’s best and doesn’t make mistakes. So I will just look for pieces of you each day letting me know you are still here in spirit. The color purple is an indication of creativity. You were definitely unique and danced to the beat of your own drum. Thanks for showing us all that it’s okay to stand out. I love you so much Aunty! You will be greatly missed! Asking that God’s peace and comfort envelope the entire family.

(2022-04-28 8:17pm) Deon Davis Jr wrote:
I love you and miss you

(2022-04-28 8:18pm) Shamika Kelley wrote:
Praying for the family in this time of bereavement. Sending love from CO supporting our beloved sister Janie Davis and Family. May God comfort you all in this difficult time. My deepest condolences. We love you all.

(2022-04-28 8:28pm) Robin Johnson wrote:
Precious my sister/cousin/friend my heart hurts with you. I love you all and I am praying for the family. Your mom so sweet and so stylish. I will never forget visiting a church and your mom stepped in purple suit, hair done and looking good. I even have a funny story when she lost her phone.

(2022-04-28 8:41pm) Angel Sanchez wrote:
Love you momma Betty always loved y’all like family Godwin was my brother before I met my biological brothers.I was your other Angel.Heaven is home I know the Angels sang welcome home.To see the Savior face to face I can only imagine.

(2022-04-28 8:47pm) Johnetta Atkins wrote:
Rest In Peace ~ Rejoice In Heaven to the Most Beautiful Woman and Mother/Grandmother Who Ever Lived! I’M GOING TO MISS YOU MOMMA… LIKE CRAZY! I LOVE YOU IMMENSELY! WE ALL DO! We Believe and Receive that you are now and forever in Eternal Joy. You Live on Always & Forever 💜 “Betty J Boop” YOUR SMILE WAS AND STILL IS THE GREATEST! YOUR SPIRIT SHINES BRIGHT!

(2022-04-28 8:53pm) Johnetta Atkins wrote:
I love the way that you were always there for me. I will never forget the love, comfort and advice you gave me over the years. I saw the tears you cried and the times you rejoiced, the struggles and the victories. I love you so much! There will never be another like you! I love you! Thank you for loving me like no one else ever could or would! You are the epitome of a momma! WE LET GO OF A LITTLE LIGHT ON EARTH SO THAT AN EVEN BIGGER ONE COULD SHINE IN HEAVEN! WE LOVE YOU MOMMA!

(2022-04-29 8:40am) Chrystal Fuller wrote:
I love you so much Aunt Betty! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 I have learned so much from you. I miss you so much. I'm devastated you had to leave us but I'm GRATEFUL the pain is over. You are the strongest woman I know BUT it gives me peace that you don't have to be strong anymore. My kids miss you and broke down when they heard the news. I hate you didn't meet Tru..He would have loved you. 💕🥺 You always told me to trust God and give it to God. I can't do anything but that right now. I wish I could hug you and hear you voice. You will never be forgotten. My beautiful Auntie! 💜💜💜

(2022-04-29 11:19am) Patricia Foy-Binkley wrote:
I will forever miss your beautiful smile.

(2022-04-29 1:56pm) Anthony Bloomer Sr wrote:
I love you Aunt Betty, I know you're watching over us, guiding us. We'll cherish your memories and your spirit will continue to live on in each of us!

(2022-04-29 2:48pm) Mary wrote:
My dear friend I’m so lost in word to hear you are gone!!! You we’re always a true friend and enjoy you always!! I miss you mow and will forever, rest in heaven love you always

(2022-04-29 3:11pm) Amanda wrote:
I’m praying for the family during your time of grieve. May she Rest In Peace.

(2022-04-29 3:53pm) LaQuita McIntosh wrote:
I couldn't believe the news. You were always the sweetest lady when I seen you. You will most definitely be missed. Rest in peace Queen 💜💜

(2022-04-29 9:46pm) Richard And Nana Osei wrote:
We will miss you Ms. Betty. Thanks for your smile and all the warmth you always showed towards our family. We remember the delicious meals you cooked for one of the church retreats! May the Lord be with you till we meet again… 💜 💜 💜

(2022-04-30 7:36am) Mary Brooks wrote:
Miss you already. Rest in paradise sis love you!

(2022-04-30 7:43am) Tie Williams wrote:
Now that you feel pain no more, may God comfort all. Love you aunty

(2022-04-30 8:08pm) Chinique Galbreath wrote:
I love you Aunty, and you will always be in my ❤ heart. Love Chinique and kids.

(2022-04-30 8:44pm) Vanese Jefferson wrote:
You are a Queen in A League of her Own. I will cherish every moment every memory everything about you . That spunk, that smile, the strength, that voice and those hugs . I thank God we disagree without stopping loving each other. I miss your so much. This world is forever changed for me. I love you Betty Boop! Never Ever will you be forgotten. My promise to you Queen Betty Jean. Live Always Vanese

(2022-04-30 9:53pm) Yolanda Foy wrote:
Aunt Betty you will be dearly miss and always loved. Mostly never forgotten. Rest easy my beautiful Aunt " NO MORE PAIN" I love you. Until we meet again 😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. Your neice Yolanda

(2022-05-01 11:06am) Keylin Bonds wrote:
Rest in paradise aunty you will dearly be missed and never forgotten 💙

(2022-05-02 5:38am) Kenina Corbbins wrote:
Rest In Peace Mrs.Betty. Precious, Netta, Angel and Godwin…please continue to look to the hills …Praying you feel Gods Presence even more…

(2022-05-02 4:20pm) Alicia Brown wrote:
I love you Ant Betty you will always be my best auntie!! God knows your heartache and shares your grief.

(2022-05-04 2:02pm) Krystal King wrote:
Condolences and prayers to the FamILY. We Luv Y’all.

(2022-05-06 1:25pm) Pastor Raymond Louis Nazario wrote:
My Sincere and utmost condolences to the Family. I had the pleasure of knowing Mother for a number of years and know she was a jewel to this world. My prayers will continue of strength and comfort for all those touched by her life.

(2022-05-06 4:42pm) Alaijah Ikuesanu wrote:
I'll never forget your touch, your hold, your kiss, your love, the way you make me feel at home Your dancing, your singing, your jokes, your laughter, your smile, and even when you fuss at your daughters Grandma I will never forget you. I love you soo much! You are all I think about when I wake up.

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