Name: Mr. William C. Madison Sr.

Date: July 31, 1950 - February 19, 2023


City of birth: Oklahoma City, OK

Mother: Bettie Lou Madison

Father: Lonzo W. Madison

Sons: William C. Madison Jr., Jason Madison

Sisters: Carol Madison-Peters

Brothers: Daroll Madison, Maurice Madison, Ricardo Madison

Visitations: 1pm-5:30pm Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Cemetery: Trice Hill Cemetery, 5101 N. Coltrane Rd., OKC OK, 73136

Services: Corpus Christi Catholic Church, 1616 N. Kelley Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Services date and time: 11am Thursday, March 2, 2023

Affiliate Services: Wake Services, EM Temple Memorial Chapel

Affiliate Services date and time: 6pm Wednesday, March 1, 2023






(2023-02-21 9:57am) Matthew King III wrote:
You are in my prayers.

(2023-02-21 1:50pm) Alice Gray wrote:
My deepest sympathy, you are in my prayers

(2023-02-21 11:47pm) Sheena Jones-Ballard wrote:
My deepest sympathy. To my family Bill was a good man and great brother-in-law. RIP in peace .

(2023-02-21 11:58pm) Sheena Jones-Ballard wrote:
My deepest sympathy. To my family Bill was a good man and great brother-in-law. RIP in peace .

(2023-02-23 8:46am) Brenda Wilson -Horton wrote:
To Maurice and Gwen and family, We are sadden by the transition of Billy.May GOD bless all the Madison family with comfort and peaceful memories.

(2023-02-23 8:58am) Mike Bennett wrote:
My prayer goes out to the Madison family. Always a great guy. thank you, Sargent Billy Madison, for your service.

(2023-02-27 9:03am) Rosietta S Moore Murray wrote:
To The Madison Family Please except my deepest and heartfelt condolences in the passing of your beloved family member William aka Billy to his friends. I was deeply saddened to hear of his passing. May God’s continued blessings and covering over your lives provide all that is needed during this most difficult time and the transitioning days ahead. Know that I will be praying with and for you in the petition laid before God as you walk the last mile of the way with William. God Bless each one of you.

(2023-02-28 3:15pm) Ethel Broiles wrote:
You are in my prayers. The Williams family from Garden Oaks on 16th street will always remember you and our Late brother Carnell's friendship.

(2023-03-01 3:40pm) Betty Shambra Coleman wrote:
My deepest sympathy.

(2023-03-04 8:37pm) Beverly (Edmond) Taylor wrote:
You are in my prayers.

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