Name: Mrs. Bertha Inez Davenport

Date: March 2, 1946 - June 1, 2023


City of birth: Watonga, OK

Mother: Barbara J. McCain

Special notations: Vance Anderson (Nephew)

Visitations: 2pm-7pm Thursday, June 22, 2023

Cemetery: Hillcrest Memory Gardens, 12825 N.E. 50th St., Spencer, OK 73084

Services: Earl M. Temple Memorial Chapel, 2801 N. Kelley Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Services date and time: 11am Friday, June 23, 2023






(2023-06-02 8:04pm) Debra Thompson wrote:
Inez will be missed, she was always such a kind soul. Praying for her family 🙏🏾

(2023-06-08 3:19pm) Doris L. Gordon wrote:
You are in my prayers.

(2023-06-23 12:54pm) Ronald And Pamela Valentine wrote:
May the soul of the recently departed rest in peace.

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