Name: Mr. Christopher Donnell Wilson

Date: November 21, 1974 - September 6, 2023


City of birth: Oklahoma City, OK

Mother: Sharon Kaye Wilson

Father: Roy Donnell Dunn

Spouse: Nikki Goldsmith

Daughters: Christina Ellison, Krislynn Johnson, Anyssa White, Diamond Wilburn

Sons: Christopher Wilson Jr., Alexander Goldsmith, James Wilburn

Sisters: Tracy Wilson, Tenicka Wilson

Brothers: Marco Wilson, Andrew Wilson, Leroy Wilson

Education: Northwest Classen High School

Occupation: Chef

Visitations: No Public Viewing

Cemetery: Private Service

Services: Earl M. Temple Memorial Chapel, 2801 N. Kelley Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Services date and time: 1pm Friday, September 29, 2023






(2023-09-09 6:01pm) Barbara Garrett wrote:
God knows your heartache and shares your grief.

(2023-09-12 4:05pm) Barbara Ann Dunn Garrett wrote:
To all of my loves. Please know that I am praying with and for you all and I care.

(2023-09-13 3:01pm) Chris Candie wrote:
I will lift you all in prayer,as you move forward with the cherished memories of our love one. God bless you all.

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