Name: Mr. Albert Ray McNeal

Date: July 9, 1945 - September 12, 2023


City of birth: Woodstock, TN

Mother: Mary Edwards

Father: Walter Ferguson

Spouse: Mae Evelyn McNeal

Daughters: Monica Muza

Sons: Michael McNeal, Michael Flemming-McNeal, Albert Ray McNeal, Terrance Harrison Sr.

Sisters: Katherine Smith (Deceased), Mary Elizabeth Smith (Deceased), Van Ella Smith (Deceased), Joyce Ann Edwards (Deceased), Mable Ferguson (Deceased), Helen Smith, Shirley Sommerset, Betty Jean Robinson, Janet Faye Hayes

Brothers: Frank Smith (Deceased), Eugene Smith (Deceased), Walter Ferguson Jr, (Deceased), Marvin Edwards

Education: Woodstock High School

Occupation: Civil Service

Visitations: 1pm-5pm Sunday, September 17, 2023

Cemetery: Riverside Gardens Cemetery, 4720 N.E. 36th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73121

Services: Wilshire Church of Christ 400 E Wilshire Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Services date and time: 11am Monday, September 18, 2023






(2023-09-12 11:46pm) Andrea Harlan wrote:
Feeling blessed that I had the opportunity to visit with you. Before your return to our heavenly father. Rest in peace Mr.McNeal.

(2023-09-13 5:55pm) Larry & Lavern Jackson wrote:
We're so sorry for your loss and our hearts go out to you and your family during this difficult time. May God keep his arms encamped around about you all.

(2023-09-15 6:39am) Carl Dean & Margie Dean wrote:
Our deepest sympathy expressed for the family. May God comfort you all today and forever.

(2023-09-15 8:45am) Joseph And Carolyn Emerson wrote:
Our condolences for the ;oss of of our Loved one,

(2023-09-15 4:10pm) Faye Brown wrote:
My condolences, heart go out to you and the family. 💞

(2023-09-15 4:12pm) Faye Brown wrote:
My deepest sympathy 🙏🏽 Be Blessed 💞

(2023-09-17 6:12pm) Terry Emerson And Family wrote:
You all inn our thoughts and prayers. We loved Ray also.

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