Name: Mrs. Barbara A. Fisher

Date: February 26, 1954 - November 11, 2023


City of birth: Perry, OK

Mother: Earline Fisher

Father: Raymond Fisher

Daughters: Herkisha L. Hardy

Sons: RaMondo C. Fisher

Sisters: Carla R. Fisher

Brothers: Larry Gardner

Education: Tulsa McClain High School

Occupation: Customer Service/Southwestern Bell

Visitations: 1pm-7pm Friday, November 17, 2023

Cemetery: Private Service

Services: First Baptist Church of Hicks Addition 3307 N Post Rd. Spencer, OK 73084

Services date and time: 3pm Saturday, November 18, 2023






(2023-11-13 10:48am) Dr. Sherri Murry wrote:
I went looking for my friend today. My friend, Barbara with the most beautiful smile and attractive eyes. Her laugh was mischievous. Her tell-like-it-is spirit was downright familiar and welcoming to me. I went looking for my friend today. Have you seen Barbara? I told her I loved her the last time we hugged, but I need to hear her voice again. I went looking for my friend today to tell her "Don't go." I found out that she already left. She went to sleep and is waiting for the trumpet to sound. I went looking for my friend today to tell her "thank you for being a friend" to me and a sister soldier in the army of Black womanhood. I went looking for my friend today. I will miss my friend. I will see Barbara on the other side. signed, Barbara's sista friend

(2023-11-14 7:05pm) Wendell March wrote:
It is now time for my friend Barbara to rest. There are memories of good time and a few not so good. But I will cherish each one because they were the times we had together. Even though you’re not with us physically anymore I’m glad that you’re now peacefully resting. Always in my heart!!

(2023-11-16 7:27am) Charlotte R Summers 740 NW 122ST 801 wrote:
My deepest sympathy. I'm going to miss you miss Barbara

(2023-11-16 1:10pm) Ethel Broiles (Anderson) wrote:
My deepest sympathy., I remember Barbara from SWBT and out shopping. She was a beautiful person.

(2023-11-16 6:27pm) Pastor G. Chris Brown wrote:
Praying for the family!! I loved Ms. Barbara, and she was always so kind to me and was such a light with her character and her smile!! She will be missed, and I'm praying for the family!

(2023-11-17 10:40am) Deena Thomas wrote:
God knows your heartache and shares your grief.

(2023-11-17 12:07pm) NANCY DUBOSE-JONES wrote:
My deepest sympathy.

(2023-11-18 1:34pm) Jasmine Still wrote:
My deepest sympathy. Granny you are loved and truly will be missed. Get your rest. Praying for the family.

(2023-11-19 4:41pm) Annette Colbert-Black wrote:
You are in my prayers.

(2023-11-27 11:07am) Tracey Tillman wrote:
Truly a beautiful soul I am just seeing this today and my heart goes out to you Kiesha.

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