Name: Mr. Cornell King

Date: March 15, 1941 - February 13, 2021


Mother: Julia King

Spouse: Gwendolyn King

Sons: ONeal King, Shannon King, Tyreece King

Occupation: Sanitations Department





(2021-02-16 10:03pm) Simone Holmes wrote:
You are in my prayers.

(2021-02-18 1:28pm) Faye L Tucker wrote:
I pray you had a safe transitioning Cousin Willie King aka Blue and you are Resting in Paradise, Saved, by the our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Prayers for you, my Family and Friends, during this sorrowful and painful time. Love you.

(2021-02-18 8:00pm) Victor King wrote:
I have memories of you being my father at a young age. I didn’t know you in adulthood but I am glad that Tara was able to have a relationship with you. Rest in Peace. GOD bless your first born, Victor King

(2021-02-23 5:52am) Sharon White wrote:
Rev 21:3&4