Name: Mrs. Irma Jean Gulley

Date: July 7, 1955 - January 2, 2023


City of birth: Oklahoma City, OK

Mother: Emma J. Gulley

Father: Hubert J. Gulley

Sisters: Delores Burnley, JoAnn Gulley

Brothers: Herbert J. Gulley

Education: Douglass High School; Oklahoma State University

Occupation: Retired Air Force

Visitations: 3pm - 7pm Thursday January 12, 2023

Services: Earl M. Temple Memorial Chapel, 2801 N. Kelley Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Services date and time: 2pm Friday January 13, 2023






(2023-01-02 11:53am) Laveda Harrison wrote:
I Miss you Auntie you was my Rider I Am so Devestated and hurt I am gonna miss you so dearly I feel like I am dreaming I don't know what too do Auntie this hurt hard I need the prayer warriors bad I need God to watch over me I asked everybody too keep me in your prayers I need it bad she was just like a mom too me but she was my Auntie she was my favorite Aunt just like my other favorite Aunt Delores keep my family in your prayers Aunt Jean I will see you soon gone but not forgotten once again Love you Auntie I am heartbroken

(2023-01-03 5:56am) Brittany McElroy wrote:
🙏🏾🙏🏾Thank You God For Sending Me Such A Wonderful &Caring Aunt I Enjoyed Your Presence Of Blessing My Life For 32 Years,You Spoiled Me So Much Growing Up You Always Watched Me&Eddie Growing Up We Could Ask You For Just About Anything McDonalds,Oatmeal,Candy,Ima Miss You So Much&I Love You So Very Much I Enjoyed All Of Our Conversations Throughout My Life,You We’re An Still Or A Blessing In My Life,You Always Told Me How Proud Of Me You We’re Throughout The Years,This Family Is Going To Miss You So Very Much🙏🏾❤️I Wouldn’t Of Ever Thought 2023 You Would Be Leaving This Earth&Never Returning Back,Hug My Uncle For Me &Tell Him I Love An Miss Him So Very Much ,I’m Still Loss For Words An So Numb Happy New Years In Heaven Farewell This Isn’t A Goodbye This Is A I Will See You Again ,I Love You So Very Very Much I Have Nothing But Good Memories Of You Throughout My Entire Life,I’m So Very Thankful Of The Time That You Were On This Earth,You Were The Only Family Member That Came To Our House In Texas An We Had A Lovely Weekend,Thanks For Being A Aunt/Mother To My Mother &Uncle As They Were Growing Up As Children An Continuing To Be A Wonderful Auntie In Their Lives As Well As Mines,I Will Forever Hold All Of Our Conversations In My Heart,Im So Hurt But I Know God Has You In Arms An I Will Never Question God For His Decisions In Life I Love You So Much In This Life &The Life After This One,Continuing Watching Over Our Family 2023 Forever Broken🙏🏾🕊️🕊️

(2023-01-04 9:42pm) Thelma Brady wrote:
Hey! Jean This is your cousin Vette. What are doing? I Am on My Way What Sreet you say you live on? Way out there. OK I am on My way. I made the wrong turn. I Am here. Come you need me to take you to the Bank to pay your Bills. OK I call you again around Christmas and told you I coming by. I didn't make it. And you call me on my recorder and said you coming. I still got your message. This time God took Right turn and call you home to be with him. It wasn't a Right or Wrong turn this time. It was Right. I ❤️ you. I mis you Your My Ace. Cousin, Best Friend, My Back Bone. You were My Listener. When I had know one to talk to about anything. One day we will meet again.😭😭😭❤️Fly Babe Fly. Yours Truly . Hey Jean This your cousin Vette. I Just wanted to tell you Thanks for Listening.❤️❤️

(2023-01-05 11:59am) Donetta Starks wrote:
I'm offering my love and prayers to this family whom I've known over 60 plus years. God's blessings during this difficult time! Jean was faithful and loved helping serve dinners at the church.

(2023-01-06 1:10am) Sheila And Andrew And Andria Giles wrote:
R.I.H my cuzin! Love you always! Gone but never forgotten.

(2023-01-06 6:46am) Alice Gray wrote:
My deepest sympathy. You and your family is in my prayers

(2023-01-08 5:37pm) Katina Gulley wrote:
I love you so much. I will ALWAYS remember All of our good times, because our good times way out weight the bad. Grandma would get mad at how close we were. She would say "that's your niece not your friend, find you some friends your own age"! Lol! Whenever daddy get mad he calls me Jean, and call you Tina. Lol! Our bond was unbreakable. I am really sad, but knowing that you went your way somehow makes me feel better. You wanted to be at home with ALL your dogs and Tracy when you took your last breath. And you did. You were surrounded by love. I'll forever miss you my aunt, my friend, my confidant. It was a true pleasure to be your niece. Love you always Amri! 💓

(2023-01-08 6:35pm) Booker And Glenda Smith wrote:
O Lord, We call upon YOU in our time of sorrow, that you give us the STRENGTH and WILL to bear our heavy burdens, until we can again feel the warmth and love of your divine compassion. Be mindful of us and have mercy on us while we struggle to comprehend life's hardships. Comfort the family right now as only you can! In the name of JESUS we pray, Amen!

(2023-01-09 1:58pm) Alberta Harmon wrote:
God knows your heartache and shares your grief.

(2023-01-13 6:04pm) LaDonna Little wrote:
My prayers are with the family at this time.

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